21 May 2020

Extraordinary measures by COVID-19

Caracolvan has taken a series of measures in response to the COVID-19 pandemic that we are suffering. They are mainly focused on three aspects:

– The flexibility of bookings and possible cancellations due to mobility restrictions.

Cleaning and disinfection of our camper-vans.

Safe pick-up and drop-off protocol.


So all our customers can plan their vacation this summer and have no problems with reservations due to mobility restrictions that COVID-19 is causing or could cause in the future, we will offer a refund of the amount paid or changing dates of your reservation if new mobility restrictions in Spain or in your countries prevent you from enjoying your rental on the reserved dates.


The reservation process is now more flexible, requesting 25% of the amount to confirm the reservation and payment of the full amount only 15 days before the start of the rental (instead of 30 days as it has been until now).

If for any other reason (not imposed by mobility restrictions) you have to change your travel dates you can do until 7 days before departure or request a voucher for the total amount paid to enjoy in the period of one year.


We have adopted a new cleaning protocol for our Camper vans and their accessories, with special attention to disinfecting our motorhomes through treatment with an ozone generator inside all of our camper vans.


Also the process of pick-up and drop-off of our camper-vans has adapted to the new sanitary measures imposed by COVID-19, our staff will indicate the process to followed, always equipped with the necessary means for this purpose. The explanation of the operation of the Campervans will be supported in video-tutorials.

The appropriate distance and disinfection measures have also been taken in our offices.

We hope to see you soon!