The FurgoVolkswagen event
700 vans of all generations were present at Sant Pere Pescador. It was the 13th edition of the most popular concentration in southern Europe, held this year from 10 to 12 June.
The big event took place at the campsite La Ballena Alegre and has overcome the presence of vans registered last year: from 647 to 700 vehicles. And, like every year, the presence of all generations of furgos.
The event aims to transport fans to the origins of the brand beginning with the classic Transporter model that has become an icon of the event. With this look at the past, present and future of the event, is the flagship of the 50 T1, T2 (Volkswagen bus or kombi), the biggest icon of the hippie generation in the 70. T3 and T4 with its model Multivan, Caravelle and California. T5, much more modern and the new T6 model that which was launched the last year.

Birth of the event

This concentration of furgos born spontaneously in 2004 but it was not until 2007 when we started counting with the support of Vokswagen. Today is already an established event among people who are passionate about furgos. About 3,700 participants this year showed proud different creations and vans and we could see six generations of the “Bulli”.
At the event, campervan lovers have fun. Models are everywhere: classic, surfer, modern, customizads, originaels, geeks and práctricas

The history of the Volkswagen van

The Dutch importer Ben Pon created it from the Plattenswagen. This vehicle was created by employees of the plant in Wolfsburg in order to transport heavy materials such as plates. It was in April 1947.

2016 FurgoVolkswagen activities

This 13th edition has been defined thinking about the whole family, balloon twisting, trampolines, performances… The adults were able to drive the latest models through a drive test and they have done it also with 4Motion models brand as Callifornia, Caddy Multivan Oudoor or Outdoor.
On the other hand, they have enjoyed the Windsfurt World Championship. The main activity has been, as every year, the costume contest for attendees and furgos. Take a look at these furgo costumes:
different campervans in spain


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