Alquiler Camper Rent Andalucía Spain


How can I rent a Caracolvan Camper?
The easiest way to rent a Camper Caracolvan is to click on “booking online”, choose the dates and send us your booking. We contact us as soon as possible.  However, if for any reason you can not or simply don´t want to use the online system you can contact us and we will make the reservation for you.
What´s included in the daily fare?
The daily fare includes your Caracolvan Campervan hire ready to use, basic insurance, and all the basic equipment that a camper normally provides for two people: bed sheets, blankets, pillows, towels, kitchenware and the first gas load. If there are 4 people and you wish any extra equipment you can book it via “extras”.
-"Long Way Campervans"  unlimited from 7 days rental.
- "Classic Campervans" limit of 125 kilometers per day (any additional km. 0,30 Eur/km. + VAT).

Note that the minimum rental period is three days in Low and Mid Season and seven days in High Season.
Where can I pick up my Caracolvan Camper?
We are located in El Puerto de Santa María, Cádiz, Andalucía, Spain. You can pick up and return your Camper Caracolvan without any extra charge at the following locations:
- El Puerto de Santa María (Train and Bus Station)
- Jerez de la Frontera Airport (XRY)
- Cadiz (Train and Bus station)
We could bring your Campervan to Seville Airport (SVQ) under request with a charge 50€ per way.
In case you need to arrange any other pick up/return location just let us know in advance and we will arrange everything for a small additional fee.
How can I get Caracolvan Camper Rental?
Click on How to get there and you will find all the necessary information to reach us either by plane, train, bus, by car or by boat, and pick up your Campervan hire.
What are the requirements for rent my Caracolvan Camper?
You need to be over 25 years old with a driving experience of at least two years, your driving license, your passport and a valid credit card where we can debit a deposit of 1.200 € (500 € with CDW+TCP extra coverage) Please note that without this deposit you won´t be able to rent a camper.
Why do I have to pay a deposit for rent the Camper?
Although we know you will treat the Caracolvan Camper as if it were yours the deposit is to cover any unexpected damages inside or outside the motorhome which are not covered by the insurance. The deposit will be returned to you if everything is OK when you return the camper.
Can I bring my pet in the Caracolvan camper hire?
Pets are only allowed in certain kind of campers. If you choose a “pet friendly Caracolvan” you need to transport the animal according to the circulation law. Do not let pets lay on the seats or bed. The camper must be returned as clean as on pick up day.
How can I return my Caracolvan motorhome?
It is quite simple… You just need to be at the place and time indicated on your hire contract with the motorhome in the same conditions as picked up. This means with a full fuel tank, water deposits empty and clean (as applicable). Don´t worry about the bed sheets and towels, we will take care of that. In case you do not feel like cleaning or refueling we will do it for you for an extra charge on your credit card.
Do I get my money back in case I cancel my camper booking?
If for any unforeseen reason you have to cancel your camper vacation and give us at least one month notice, we will refund 75% of the total amount. If you cancel your reservation between one month and 15 days you will get 50% back, one week before, 25%. Unfortunately, if the cancellation is less than one week before the pick-up date no refund will be offered.
What do I do in the event of a van breakdown?
Our rental vans are exhaustively serviced and maintained, but nevertheless suffering a breakdown, we have 24 hour Roadside Assistance.
You should contact us and we will send our assistance wherever you are, we will try to fix the problem right there.
Otherwise we will do our best to fix the van as soon as possible or replace it with another campervan with similar characteristics if it is difficult to repair yours.
Can I go by car to pick up my Caracolvan Camper?
Of course you can. In El Puerto de Santa Maria, Cadiz, Andalusia, Spain you have the possibility to park your car.
Can I leave Spain with a Caracolvan Camper?
Only with our "Long Way Campers" you can leave Spain, but an extra coverage for the insurance in other countries is needed.
With the "Classic Campers" is not possible travel outside Spain.
Visit Morocco is not possible with the Caracolvan Campervan rentals.
Can I reduce the amount of the deposit?
Yes, with the extra coverage Collision Damage Waiver and Theft Protection (CDW+TCP) you reduce the deposit and your responsibility on the campervan to 500 Euros.

If you have any other question, please do not hesitate to contact us on
We will be delighted to answer all your queries.