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Travel with Caracolvan

  With the passion for the nature, the free time, the camping, the beaches and the different and amazing landscape that Andalusia show us, was born Caracolvan, with the goal of bring this passion to other and as far.   To travel in a camperva van give us the oppo...
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“Andalusia Camper-van Experience ” on Canal Sur

Program recording
    We leave this report of the program "Health to the day" of Canal Sur in which they counted on Caracolvan and Reel Surfoards to show some of the benefits of enjoying a "Camper Experience".         As you al...
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The weather in Andalusia in May

Zahara de la Sierra, Cádiz
We are in full spring, the landscape in Andalusia is spectacular, from the interior areas, the mountain, to the coast.   Zahara de la Sierra, Cádiz.    It is the perfect time to visit the areas that in summer reach temperatures above 40...
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How to wash clothes when travelling in a van in Spain

van temperature in andalusia
  Sometimes when we make routes longer than a week, we cannot package clothes for every day, because the space in our camper is limited, and we have to resort to wash the clothes that we can carry. But the van has no washing machine, what could we do?   We are go...
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The weather in Andalusia in April

van temperature in andalusia
  When we decide to travel with our camper to Spain, one of the aspects that we care most is the place we are going to go and especially the time that we will find.   In order to help you, we have decided to explain how the weather normally in Andalusia and specifically ...
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