Alquiler Camper Rent Andalucía Spain


About us

Caracolvan was born in Cadiz, Andalicia, Spain, from the hand of a passion for vans, camping and enjoyment of spending our free time surrounded by nature. After many miles behind the wheel of our Camper, many unforgettable lived moments inside it and places where it take us with an indescribable feeling of freedom, we decided to make known this passion for camping trips as many people as possible.

We did not think of a better way of doing it than making available to everyone the possibility of enjoying exceptional nature reserves as the ones in Cadiz and Andalusia, in general, driving inside more than just a car, but a myth in the world of camping, the campervans.

Your Campervan in Cadiz

All of those who have or have had a Campervan, know that there is not any like our own van when we are going on holidays. But Cadiz, Andalucia, is the southernmost province of Europe (from its shores we see Africa) and not everyone can afford the privilege, because of the lack of time or money, to get behind the wheel of his own equipped van, camper or motorhome, to the wonderful beaches or other places of Andalusia.

For that reason we have made available to all lovers of the Camper vans, and those who are not still fond of them will be, after a holiday in one of them, the possibility of renting a campervan in an environment as wonderful as it is in the province of Cadiz, Andalusia. We have chosen two models of vans for hiring, Caracolvan Classic Camper and Caracolvan Long Way Camper

Classic Caracolvan Camper

For our hire Classic Camper vans we have not chosen any simple one, we wanted it to be the spirit of Campers, the quintessential camping van, in charge of making you spend an unforgettable holiday with it becoming "your van" for a few days.

Indeed we are referring to Volkswagen, the first thing that comes to mind when we think of fun at the beach for a few days. We have chosen it for several reasons, for what the California model represents in itself, an icon in the world of camping and vans, but also for their quality standards that allows it, even after 30 years of being made, to be completely up to date in terms of interior amenities or satisfying the needs of a holiday with it. Bodied by Westfalia and perfectly maintained and overhauled by us, in our rental Classic Camper vans you will find exactly what you would expect if you already know the Vw Campers, and if you do not know you will discover an amazing world of possibilities, carrying in just over 10 square meters, all you need for a memorable holidays in total freedom and full contact with nature.

Long Way Caracolvan Camper

After two years of experience with the Classic Vw Camper Vans we have found out that not to leave without meeting the needs of our customers we had to offer other type of Camper. Because of this, we put at your disposal the Caracolvan Long Way Mini Camper and Caracolvan Long Way Maxi Camper.

The Mini Camper is a compact version of all that is needed in an equipped van for traveling and sleeping. In a small space we have condensed what tells our experience, and we have made, on the basis of the new Nissan NV200 a Camper for globetrotting couples. The Maxi Camper takes a step further in equipment adding bathroom with toilet, shower and hot water, to a modern equipped van. But still agile and economical as other Campers, as it remains in the body size of a usual high volume van, without the uncomfortable measures of a motorhome. We sincerely hope that with our hiring Caracolvan Camper vans, you meet the world of Camper and enjoy as we have enjoyed, wonderful journeys and unforgettable moments, traveling by van.