The limit is up to you!

Flat rate in Long Way Campers

In our new Caracolvan Long Way Campervans you'll be able to travel where you want without caring how far this your destiny, because we remove the daily kilometer limit. From now on the new Long Way Campers , kilometers limit is up to you!
Enjoy to the max this summer with the new Mini Camper and Maxi Camper Caracolvan.

Very soon in Caracolvan, hire the new VW T5 California

   Our fleet of rental Campervans will soon receive a new Volkswagen. This is the latest creation of the german brand in the Camper world, the new Vw T5 California Comfortline.

   Over the same concept that made it famous 40 years ago, the new Vw California also incorporates all the complete camping equipment and the latest technology and safety on road. With a 140 hp last generation engine will be a perfect partner for drive road miles and enjoy it.


The new Vw T5 California in Caracolvan


  At the moment of relax, swiwel the seat and enjoy all the comforts of inside, the eqquipment can not be better. We will have a frige, two-burner stove and sink, as well as practical wardrobes and a second upper bed with an eletrical pop-up roof that raised by touching a button.

  Nothing will prevent devour miles and sleep in the best locations with the new Vw California rental Caracolvan.


The new Vw T5 California available for hire


  Choose your Volkswagen Campervan in our offer rental vans equipped for camping and enjoy an unforgettable holidays in Cadiz, Andalusia, Spain, Portugal... wherever you want! Live your "Camper Experience” with Caracolvan Alquiler Campers Hire.


Here you can see in detail the new VW T5 California rental.

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