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Learn Kite Surf

Camper hire + Kite Surf course
arifa. Cádiz is certainly the Mecca of kite surfing and there are usually ideal wind conditions for this sport. If you want to learn we will do a pack, Camper hire Caracolvan + Kite Surf course in the most prestigious schools in Tarifa, Cádiz. You do not have to worry about anything. Just get out of the van and take the kite and the board.

Travel with Caracolvan
With the passion for the nature, the free time, the camping, the beaches and the different and amazing landscape that Andalusia show us, was born Caracolvan, with the goal of bring this passion to other and as far.
To travel in a camperva van give us the opportunity de scape of the rutine and enjoy the paradise that Andalusia show us. The company has classic campervans as Volkswagen, an authentic referent in the Camper world. The California model continue being a classic, 20 years after be done. In addition, it has all the necessary. This kind of van has kitchen, fridge, water deposit, revolving seats, cupboards, two double beds…Without doubt one of its mean characteristics is its raisen roof.
Also known as Vw Kombi or “Bullu”, Caracolvan also give you the opportunity of Vw T2 Camper, the most classic. Its round forms and original shape make it an only model and bring us to another time. It has a very detailed esthetic and many benefits, overall taking in account its age. Caracolvan is waiting to you in mean airports and stations in Cadiz and Sevilla to let you make trips of short and long distance. Cross the best beaches and routes of Andalusia board in an authentic VW Camper, an only classic.
Caracolvan awaits you in different and major airports, train stations and bus Cadiz and Seville for short trips and long distance. Walk through the best beaches aboard an authentic VW Camper, a classic.
Take your house with you and discover Andalusia!
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Caracolvan gives you a different way to enjoy your holidays in Spain, offering you an attractive variety of hire vans with special charm and unique characteristics.
VW Classic Campervans
The legendary Volkswagen vans are a benchmark in the world of leisure. We offer you all the charm of hire a Vw Campervan in a place as fascinating as Cadiz in southern Andalucia, Spain.

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