Learn Kite Surf

Camper hire + Kite Surf course
arifa is certainly the Mecca of kite surfing and there are usually ideal wind conditions for this sport. If you want to learn we will do a pack, Camper hire Caracolvan + Kite Surf course in the most prestigious schools in Tarifa, Cádiz. You do not have to worry about anything. Just get out of the van and take the kite and the board.

50,000 units of VW T5 California

   During this 2014 has broken the record production of Vw California Campervans reaching nothing less than 50,000 units of VW T5 California.

50000  Vw T5 California


     The VW T5 California start production in 2004, at the main factory in Hanover Stocken. There share the production of her body with their brethren in range, Transporter, Caravelle and Multivan. After assembly of the body, makes his first trip by truck to the production facilities Special Vehicle Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles in the Limmer district in Hanover.


   There, specialist mount the lightweight aluminum pop-up roof , aluminum cabinets also a compressor refrigerator, a kitchen and a comfortable bed. There the Volkswagen Transporter and Multivan ranges for specific uses, such as police cars, post offices and customs are also mounted in addition to taxis, vehicles for the disabled, the Multivan Business and especially the VW T5 California.



Vw T5 California pop-up roof



Vw California Comfortline and Beach

    The Vw California is offered in two versions: California Beach, which offers a basic level of equipment for occasional overnight stops, and California Comfortline, which includes all the comforts of a motorhome or RV for longer trips, which is that you can rent Caracolvan Rental Campervan Rental. To date, there have been 13,000 California Beach units and 37,000 of California Comfortline.


Vw T5 California for hire


 Vw California, 26 year history

     Since launching the Vw California model in 1988 (previously had other names like Joker), its popularity has grown with each new generation. Production figures for Vw T3 California version reached 22,000 units, and the VW California T4 reached 39,000. The Volkswagen T5 California has set a new production record with 50,000 vehicles, and manufacturing continues with two shifts to meet the high demand.



Vw T3  California and T5 California


   Built from the base of the VW Transporter and linked to a spirit of freedom and adventure, introducing the most modern leisure and mobility concept. 26 years later, and become one of the most iconic models of the brand, Vw California remains the most successful car in its class leisure.


Here you could see the new Vw California T5 for hire.

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